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510T-BS2. 510T-BS2. Finishes : C, GG GOTOH製品の楽器への取り付けに際しましては、既存の楽器へ追加の加工無しで交換が出来ない

510T-BS2 - G-GOTOH

When equipping the existing musical instrument with GOTOH products, processing of addition to the musical instrument side may be necessity. If attachment impossible without processing is carried out, there is a possibility of leading to breakage of a musical instrument. Please check size etc. well before purchase.

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Par De Pivôs Buchas Ponte Tremolo Gotoh 510t Gg Gold. 129 reais R$ 129. em. 12x . 12 reais con 51 centavos R$ 12, 51. Frete grátis. Tremolo Gotoh 510t Com 2 Pivôs

Gotoh 510T-BS2-GG Guitar Tremolo with Hardware - Gold

The 510T-BS2 has standard overall screw spacing of 56mm, and overall size of 83.5 x 40mm. This version is the 6 pivot point type, the same as the original synchronized style. The FST block, another original Gotoh design, features an angled internal cutaway which prevents the strings from touching the plate, significantly increasing the unit's ability to return to tune when using the tremolo arm.

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Features:Gotoh 510T Series Tremolos are machined with Chrome Molybdeumn Steel knife edges to withstand years of abuse and trouble free use. The tremolo block is designed to allow the strings to contact the saddle without touching the block as it passes through which increases sustain and tuning s

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