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Schweizer Announces Crash Resistant Fuel System Approval for the S300C and S300CBi Helicopters

Fort Worth, Texas (June 27, 2023) – Schweizer, manufacturer of the proven Schweizer S300C, S300CBi, and S333 helicopters, is pleased to announce it has received FAA approval for its Crash Resistant Fuel System (CRFS). The tanks are available for installation on all new S300 series helicopters.

Both main and auxiliary CRFSs are approved and fully comply with applicable 14CFR27 regulations. The tanks are comprised of a proprietary rubber puncture-resistant internal fuel bladder mounted inside a carbon fiber external shell. Each tank holds 32.5 gallons (123 liters) of fuel for a dual tank capacity of 65 gallons (246 liters).

Since restarting production of the iconic Schweizer 300C and 300CBi helicopters in 2021, Schweizer has worked to bring the aircraft up to date with all applicable regulatory requirements currently in effect since production ceased under the former ownership.

“We are thrilled to reach yet another milestone in our accelerated production of Schweizer rotorcraft,” says Craig Nielsen, Vice President of Operations at Schweizer. “A certified crash-resistant fuel system was not developed for these aircraft prior to us taking ownership of the company. I am exceptionally grateful for the hard work of our engineering team and the Fort Worth Aircraft Certification Office of the FAA. Together they’ve helped ensure the Schweizer S300C and S300CBi are fully compliant with all FAA-mandated fuel system safety requirements.”

Schweizer CRFS Safety Features:

  • 50-foot Drop Test Compliant
  • 25-Hour Fatigue Test Compliant
  • 370 lbs. Puncture Resistance
  • Breakaway Safety Shut-Off Valve.

The Schweizer CRFS will be standard on all new S300 series production aircraft. Schweizer plans to offer the CRFS as a field retrofit in the not-too-distant future.


About Schweizer
Schweizer manufactures and supports its celebrated line of light helicopters – the S300C, S300CBi, and S333 – at its ISO 9001/AS9100-certified facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The company also provides overhauls, parts, and aftermarket support for all Schweizer models.

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