The history of the Schweizer helicopter dates back to the Schweizer Aircraft Corporation, incorporated in 1939. The Schweizer brothers (Paul, William, and Ernest) who produced their first glider in 1930, grew the business to include the design and production of sailplanes, agricultural aircraft and helicopters.

The Schweizer 300CBi was designed and manufactured by Hughes Aircraft as the Hughes 269. The original use of the Hughes 269 was in training for the United States Army. In 1984 McDonnell Douglas purchased Hughes Helicopters. Then in 1986, Schweizer acquired all rights to the helicopters from McDonnell Douglas. In 2004 Schweizer was purchased by Sikorsky Aircraft Company and operated until it was sold in 2018 to Schweizer RSG.

Schweizer is presently owned and operated under the name of Schweizer by individuals who have tremendous passion for the outstanding light helicopter line. The timeless, reliable and safe line of light helicopters including the S300C™, S300CBi™, and S333™ models are owned and manufactured by Schweizer in Fort Worth, Texas. Production on the S300C™ and S300CBi™ commences in 2019 with manufacturing of the S333™ slated for 2020.


1956 – First Hughes 269 flew.
1959 – Hughes 269 received FAA certification – was Hughes’ first major helicopter success.
1964 – Hughes 300 introduced, 3 seat configuration.
1969 – Hughes 300C released, 45% payload increase.
1984 – Hughes Tooling sold to McDonnell Douglas.
1986 – Schweizer purchases Hughes helicopter products.
1987 – Schweizer develops the 330, turbine powered helicopter.
1997 – The 330SP is introduced, improved gear and rotor.
1999 – Schweizer introduces the 333, 30% increase in performance over the 330SP.
2004 – Schweizer is purchased by Sikorsky.
2006 – The RQ-8B Firescout is developed.
2008 – The M-434 helicopter is introduced.
2015 – Sikorsky purchased by Lockheed Martin.
2018 – Schweizer product lines purchased by Schweizer RSG.
2019 – PA received from FAA; Production resumes on S300™ Series Ft. Worth, TX