About Schweizer


Schweizer manufactures the proven piston-powered S300C and S300CBi helicopters as well as the turbine-powered S333 helicopter. Maintaining the highest safety record of all FAA-certified piston-powered helicopters as reported by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), our S300C and S300CBi are the preferred light piston helicopters for training and many additional critical missions around the world.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, with service centers around the globe, Schweizer manufactures the aircraft and provides comprehensive customer service, technical support, and spare parts for customers worldwide. We also provide the industry’s only refurbished and certified preowned helicopter purchase program where we overhaul and refurbish our aircraft and offer them for sale backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Schweizer’s History


Schweizer enjoys a long and storied history. In 1955, Hughes Tool Company’s Aircraft Division, which would later become Hughes Helicopters, conducted a market survey that uncovered a demand for a low-cost, lightweight two-seat helicopter. It began developing its first helicopter, the Hughes 269 later that year for the U.S. Army, which took to the skies for its first flight in 1956. The helicopter proved to be a very reliable and safe aircraft used to train more than 60,000 Army aviators. It is this aircraft that is the Schweizer 300CBi today.

In 1964, Hughes introduced a slightly larger three-seat Hughes 269B, which was marketed as the Hughes 300. That aircraft was followed by an improved Hughes 300C. With a more powerful engine and increased rotor diameter, the 300C was certified in 1970.

In 1984, McDonnell Douglas purchased Hughes Helicopters. Then, in 1986, Schweizer acquired all rights to the helicopters from McDonnell Douglas. In 2004, Schweizer was purchased by Sikorsky Aircraft Company and operated until it was sold in 2018 to private individuals with investor backing who created a new company with the Schweizer name.

Schweizer today is privately owned and operated by individuals and backed by committed investors with tremendous passion for the outstanding light helicopter line. The timeless, reliable, and safe S300C, S300CBi, and S333 light helicopters and their parts are manufactured by Schweizer in Fort Worth, Texas.


  • 1956 First Hughes 269 flew.
  • 1959 Hughes 269 received FAA certification – was Hughes’ first major helicopter success.
  • 1964 Hughes 300 introduced, 3 seat configuration.
  • 1969 Hughes 300C released, 45% payload increase.
  • 1984 Hughes Helicopters sold to McDonnell Douglas.
  • 1986 Schweizer purchases Hughes helicopter products.
  • 1987 Schweizer develops the 330, turbine powered helicopter.
  • 1997 The 330SP is introduced, improved gear and rotor.
  • 1999 Schweizer introduces the 333, 30% increase in performance over the 330SP.
  • 2004 Schweizer is purchased by Sikorsky.
  • 2006 The RQ-8B Firescout is developed.
  • 2008 The M-434 helicopter is introduced.
  • 2015 Sikorsky purchased by Lockheed Martin.
  • 2018 Schweizer product lines purchased by new private company Schweizer.
  • 2019 PA received from FAA; Production resumes on S300 Series Ft. Worth, TX
  • 2023 Production Certificate received from FAA for full production of the S300C and S300CBi.