Flight Manuals
Updated and FAA Approved as of March 2019, Schweizer Flight Manuals for the 269C/S300C, 269C-1/S300CB/S300CBi, and the S330/S333 are available online for download.  Please note when you download the manuals they will need to be trimmed and hole punched to fit into your existing binder.  To download a manual simply click on the image below and the download will open in a new window.

We also are pleased to offer these updated and FAA Approved manuals in new poly three ring binders complete with tab dividers by section for purchase. Please Click Here to purchase the most recent individual Updated and FAA Approved Flight Manuals.


Flight Manual Supplements

Flight Manual Supplements are available for download for the S269C, S269C-1, and S269D models.  Please Click Here for the complete listing.