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The S300CBi is the ultimate flight training helicopter with low direct operating costs. First introduced as a 2-seat Army trainer meeting strict military reliability and survivability requirements, this civilian variant includes all the modern extras. Reliable, safe, and rugged, this forgiving aircraft is the preferred helicopter trainer, featuring standard controls and systems. Skills learned on this aircraft easily translate to larger aircraft.


Excellent Safety Record

Schweizer maintains the highest safety record of all FAA-certified piston-powered helicopters as reported by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Our helicopters are consistently hailed as the safest flight training helicopters by flight schools worldwide.

Stable Handling Characteristics

Our stable fully articulated three-blade rotor system and standard flight controls offer a forgiving platform for autorotation practice and overall flight skill building.

Rugged Reliable Component Design

Designed specifically to be flight trainer, the S300 series features strong components including a forgiving rotor system, energy absorbing landing gear, exceptional visibility, standard flight controls, and a comfortable roomy cabin.

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SCHWEIZER S300CBi™ Specifications


Standard day, sea level, maximum gross weight unless otherwise noted

  • Maximum speed (VNE) 94kts. 174km/hr
  • Maximum cruise speed (vh) 80kts. 148km/hr
  • Hover ceiling, In-Ground-Effect (1700 lb.) 7,000 ft / 2,133 m
  • Hover ceiling, Out-of-Ground-Effect (1700 lb.) 4,800 ft. / 1,463 m
  • Range (long range cruise* speed @ 4,000 feet) (no reserve) 32.5 gallon • 64.0 gallon


  • Maximum takeoff gross weight 1.750 lb / 794 kg
  • Empty weight, standard configuration 1,102 lb / 500 kg
  • Useful load 648 lb / 294 kg


  • Fuselage length 22.19 ft. / 930 kg
  • Fuselage width 4.25 ft. / 1.30 m
  • Fuselage height 7.17 ft. / 2.18 m
  • Overall length (rotors turning) 30.83 ft. / 9.40 m
  • Overall height (to top of tail rotor) 8.72 ft. / 2.65 m
  • Width (canopy) 4.25 ft. / 1.30 m
  • Main rotor Diameter 26.83 ft. / 8.18 m
  • Main landing gear tread (fully compressed) 6.54 ft. / 1.99 m


Normal cabin seating (training)

  • Maximum cabin seating (training) 2 passengers
  • Maximum certified cabin seating (utility) 3 passengers
  • Cabin length 4.75 ft. / 1.45 m
  • Cabin width 4.92 ft. / 1.50 m


  • Type Textron Lycoming HIO–360-G1A
  • Powerplant ratings (per engine, standard day, sea level) -Takeoff (5-minute) 180 shp / 134 kw -Maximum continuous 180shp / 134 kw

Fuel Capacity

  • Standard fuel capacity 32.5 US gal / 123.03
  • Extended range capacity 64.0 US gal / 242.27

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